Dates and schedule
DatesMay 25-29, 2021
ScheduleMay 29, 2021, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm (Spain local time):
live session with the participation of experts (zoom with simultaneous translation)

The latest advances and approaches in the field of neuroscience will be shared in the Neuroscience and Education Online Colloquia. It will have experts of recognized international prestige and will focus on three topics:
1) Executive Functions
2) Creativity, art and emotions, keys of holistic education
3) Brain and diverse potentialities
Each topic will contain three types of contributions: posters made by doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers, 5 'micro-talks in video format and 20' interviews in video format. It will be held through the Padlet platform, which allows a very practical and flexible participation. From Tuesday 25 to Friday 28, registered people will be able to access the platform, whenever they want, to view the posters and videos and ask questions of the experts. On Saturday 29 there will be a two-hour live session, in which some of the experts will discuss the most interesting and recurring questions that have been raised throughout the week.

Participants will receive an electronic Certificate of Attendance issued by Fundació Universitat de Girona: Innovació i Formació

There is the possibility of registering throughout the Colloquia, from Tuesday to Saturday, or just for the live session on Saturday.


Topic Type of contribution Expert
1. Executive Functions Interview Dr. Phil Zelazo
Interview Dr. Javier Tirapu
Micro-speech 5’ Dr. Stephanie Carlson
Micro-speech 5’ Dr. David Bueno
Micro-speech 5’ Dr. Facundo Manes
Poster Pending confirmation
2. Creativity, arts and emotions,
keys of holistic education
Interview Juan Felipe Molano
Micro-speech 5’ Dr. Rosa Casafont
Micro-speech 5’ Dr. Dolors Cañabate
Poster Mia Men
3. Brain and diverse potentialities Interview Dr. Álvaro Pascual-Leone
Micro-speech 5’ Dr. Adele Diamond
Micro-speech 5’ Dr. María López Juez
Poster Dr. Lining Sun
Below are the different prices according to the registration date:

Registration Until 7th of May70,00 €
Registrations after 7th of May80,00 €
Discount for groups of 3 or more from the same center10 %
Discount for members of collaborating entities10 %
Registration of the final colloquia live session35,00 €

Discounts are cumulative