Maria Montessori was a doctor in Italy in the beginning of XX century and was educated in psychology, science, pedagogy and other human studies. She was a great observer and a great scientist who used her prejudice-free observation to understand how nature provides human beings the tools to develop themselves, as well as, other living beings in the world. She discovered that children had several gifts that helped them in their formation. She believed that if we can see the inner instincts in a horse, for example, that provide the horse how to evolve from fecundation to adults, the man would have some gifts to grow entirely as well as a human being.

By observing children she became aware that the actual education was to help every child unfold their abilities and individual potential. We must assist the natural process in human growth, giving them freedom to construct themselves, observing and providing them with what they need at every moment. Education for her is, therefore, an aid to natural life.