DatesPróximamente nuevas fechas
Duration16 hours
LanguageSpanish and English
TeachersDani Cañigueral Viñals, Saša Lapter and Renée Classen

The course and the material offered will be in Spanish and English with the help of a professional for simultaneous interpretation.

The child in the second plane of development wants to know the laws that govern our universe. We, as AMI guides, must offer children the keys to discovering these laws and their function within the cosmic order.

Physics and chemistry study how matter works and interacts with energy. We are all made of matter and knowing how it works helps to understand everything we see around us.

This short course aims to give a basic review of the main concepts in physics and chemistry, provide an overview of the Montessori legacy in this field and provide resources and practical ideas for working with energy, machines and matter. All this is a good complement to the curriculum offered in the AMI courses.

These 16 hours of the course also aim to initiate further meetings and courses on physics and chemistry and their role in cosmic education.

The course is designed for AMI guides of children ages 6 to 12. In order to obtain the official certificate of this AMI refresher course, you must have the AMI 6-12 diploma, and be a member of AMI or any other AMI affiliated organisation.

  • Define physics and chemistry, their fields of study, their importance in current life and the relationship with other areas in cosmic education.
  • Identify some significant concepts of physics and chemistry used in work in the 6 to 12 environment.
  • Learn about the Montessori legacy around physics and chemistry in cosmic education.
  • Know the work proposals around atoms and molecules.
  • Know work proposals around energy, its sources and its types.
  • Know work proposals around force and machines.
  • Design practical activities in the 6 to 12 prepared environment.
  • Lay the groundwork for future courses and meetings around these topics.

  • What is physics and chemistry
  • Basic fundamentals of physics and chemistry
  • Its important role in cosmic education
  • Activities related to physics and chemistry in other areas of the curriculum
  • The materials and proposals in the Montessori legacy
  • Bibliography and current resources on Montessori and physics and chemistry
  • Basis, stories, activities and materials for the work of:
    • The subject: Working with atoms and molecules
    • Energy: shapes and types. Electricity
    • The force
    • Machines: simple machines
  • Practical aspects of experimentation in an environment of 6 to 12 years

A virtual meeting will be organized before the sessions, providing material and significant pre-readings for the course.

During the 16 telematic hours, theoretical classes are combined with practical activities related to the materials provided.

Active participation is intended to share difficulties and solutions for the implementation of the proposals.

Full attendance and active participation in all classes are required.

At the end of the course, you get the official certificate of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) of the refresher course in physics and chemistry.